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What are the hours which the ambulance crew is active and in what areas does it OPERATE?



The crew operates around the clock every day of the week all year long including Saturdays and Holy days. During the day the crew is comprised of an adult volunteer and high school students who have completed a preparation “Magen David Adom” course. During the evening and night hours the crew is made up of adult volunteers.

As part of the social commitment of the voluntary staff to serve the community, Elkana’s ambulance operates within a 25-km. radius serving the neighboring settlements - Shaarei Tikvah, Oranit, and Etz -Efraim and the Arab Village - Kafar Kassam. The ambulance staff provides care to the Palestinian inhabitants of Bidia, Mesha, Rafat and Zawie - helping thereby in the efforts for peace and in the bringing closer together Israeli and Palestinian people.

It is important to mention that the ambulance crew rendered medical care to the inhabitants of these Arab villages during the period of the “INTIFADA” as well.

The ambulance crew can be relied upon to serve as a medical back up in the event of a mass attack on the Ben Gurion International Airport and for the “Magen David Adom” medical stations in Petach Tikva, Tel - Aviv as well as for the I.D.F. bases in the area.