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The ambulance is operated via the “Magen David Adom” station in Petach Tikvah. When an emergency call is received there for assistance in the ambulance’s area of activity, the ambulance crew on duty is alerted by beeper message and the ambulance is immediately dispatched to the emergency scene. The immediate response to an emergency call is what saves precious times which means saving of lives.

During the period between April 1, 1996 - November 1, 1997 the ambulance crew was alerted 355 times and treated approximately 346 injured and sick people. There were 3 deaths, all of which were of senior citizens that died of natural causes.

Immediate action by the part of the ambulance team is of extreme importance especially in the case of traffic accidents. In 1996 for example, the crew was called up to treat approximately 89 accidents and the case of emergency respiratory and cardiac events, the crew was able to sustain the life of the injured or sick person until a more senior medical staff arrived or until the ambulance reached the hospital.

The medical equipment in the ambulance includes among others, equipment for the treatment of injuries, a doctor’s kit for children and adult resuscitation, oxygen tanks and an advanced ECG.